Harris Victory Speech

First let me begin by thanking my wife, “Cookie,” and five wonderful kids. Second, I want to thank the best campaign staff.:Chris Meekins, Dave Schwartz, Dustin Mills, Key Worcester, Pat Daly, Kathy Szeliga, and all of the others. I also want to thank our hundreds of volunteers who over the last four days made over 40,000 calls to voters in the district. Finally, I want to thank Wayne Gilchrest for serving the district for nine terms.

I want to congratulate my opponents on a hard and well fought campaign. This race was a discussion of the ideas and the direction of the Republican Party in the first district, the State of Maryland, and around the country.

Years ago, my parents fled communist regimes in Eastern Europe to America to experience America’s blessings and contribute to the American way of life. My late father spent two years in a Russian gulag before experiencing the freedoms of America. Only in America could his son become a doctor, a State Senator, and now the Republican Party’s nominee for Congress.

Nine months ago, I decided to run for Congress because I wanted my children to have an even better America than I experienced. I wanted them to be able to find the best jobs in the world. I wanted them to never have to worry about the threat of Islamic radicalism. I wanted them to have a healthcare system that continues to lead the world in care and innovation.

The voters of the first district embraced my conservative message, and that is why we were victorious tonight.

Today, our nation faces serious challenges: an ailing economy, rising healthcare costs, and the threat of Islamic terrorism.

To stimulate our ailing economy, we must immediately lower taxes. We must eliminate wasteful government spending.

As Republicans we must address rising healthcare costs, and make insurance widely available and affordable – but we must do it by applying free market solutions. Universal government healthcare is not the answer. Hillarycare is not the answer. As a doctor, I hope to bring an important and informed perspective on how to expand insurance options to the uninsured, while maintaining the innovation in which our nation has led the world.

The threat of Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat of our generation. As a naval veteran, I understand the threat of Islamic radicalism to our very way of life. We must win the global War on Terror – no matter the cost. I will do everything I can to enable our men and women in the military to win that War, so that our children don’t have to.

I look forward to debating the issues facing our country with my democratic opponent. Voters will see a clear difference in my philosophy of smaller government, lower taxes, verses the democrats’ philosophy of higher taxes and bigger more intrusive government.

Tonight we celebrate.

Tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves and get back to work to retake the Republican majority and keep a Republican president.

I pray each person has a safe trip home this evening, and I want thank those of you braved the weather to celebrate with me and my family tonight.

Good night and God Bless.

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